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Logo-St-Art-App GOIn the current EU economic climate research indicates a critical need to respond creatively to VET training and up skilling requirements. Through the adaptation and integration of innovative contents and results of a LLP Project,I-CAMPUS, the present project proposal, ST-ART APP, aims to develop skills and enhance self employability by creating connections between VET, education and labour market by working with transnational partners (public and private vocational training institutes,  SMEs and Organisations and Fundations active in the support for self employability)in the sector of Creative entreprises and Cultural Assets and Heritage.

It was generally agreed that the successful promotion of the cross-curricular key competences, transversal skills and attitudes required a different, non-traditional pedagogic approach and changes in school organisation and management culture.Thanks to the high quality of the Consortium composed by Partners from 7 EU Countries ((Italy, Greece, England, Danmark, Hungary,Portugal, Croatia), the project aims to provide the target groups, youngsters and entrepreneurs that want to approach business in Creative entreprises and Cultural Assets and Heritage sector,with tools that will allow them to start up and continue in business in the sector of Creative entreprises and Cultural Assets and Heritage. Direct beneficiaries will acquire transversal capabilities and skills such as critical thinking, creativity, sense of initiative, problem solving, risk assessment, decision-making and constructive management of feelings.

The project will allow organisations of the vocational education sector to work with partners from across Europe, exchange best practices (Focus group), and increase their staff expertise (Round table and Analysis). Attending and actively participating in the planned activities, Partners will be asked to analyze firstly the needs of the targed group and therefore in which way the innovative contents of I campus could be adapt to the target group needs. Partners willl debate the results in a Round Table and will work together for creating new support for delivering a user friedly set of key-skills. By running this action we intend to deliver a transferable VET skills set (ON-LINE PLATFORM social and WEB 2.0 - MOBILE APPLICATION for IOS and ANDROID) with the aim to build capacity, employability and opportunities in entrepreneurship in Creative entreprises and Cultural sector for all across the EU. The tools will be tested in the Workshop and experimented in partner countries.

In order to create awareness about the results achieved, a series of dissemination and visibility activities will be planned (7 National Seminaries and a Final Open day).

The long term impact of this project is to promote the self-employability culture, increasing in the meantime the internationalisation of the providers of VET, developing a true example of intereactive and effective didactic tool for indirect beneficiaries, trainers of VET.

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