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ecipar-RER-logoECIPAR RER is the organization for training and innovative services provided to SMEs, promoted by the Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato. Among its targets, there are research, elaboration, systematization and dissemination of “knowledge” that are useful for SMEs. Founded in 1982, ECIPAR is a non-profit making limited liability consortium company.

ECIPAR is a member of the European Benchmarking Forum promoted by the EU Commission and is actively engaged in the diffusion of benchmarking across Italy.It is promoter of the Association "Benchmarking for success-Italia". ECIPAR’s activities involve all the topic and functional areas of enterprise’s action:
> researches, case studies, experimentations aimed at creating training proposals and specific innovative services for SMEs
> development and engineering of training products to improve the effectiveness of didactics.
> conventional and not, training processes aimed at increasing learning and knowledge in individuals and SMEs.


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