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logo seenordaSEENORDA (South East European Network of Regional Development Agencies) is registered as an NGO in Zagreb/Croatia, as an umbrella-network of Regional Development Agencies in SEE and consists of 15 Regional Development Agencies, covering more than 10 South East European countries.

SEENORDA is founded with the purpose of promoting, improving and linking development agencies of Southeast Europe. Within the objectives for which the association was established, some of the specific duties and activities are: development of technical and scientific projects and programs related to the development and cooperation between regions and countries in Southeast Europe, organizing and carrying out professional training programs; promotion of business cooperation, technology transfer and commercialization of research activities and projects. One of SEENORDA’s main goals is also to create awareness and understanding for the entire spectrum of regional development issues. In order to do this, SEENORDA provides its members and key stakeholders with a range of valuable information, tools and resources on an on-going basis. This includes creating and using different models of transfer of knowledge among different actors, sharing of best practices, providing access to the established tools that help the members grow and maintain a strong, diverse economy, identifying emerging issues and trends in the field, distributing regular and timely information bulletins and delivering relevant content.

 SEENORDA’s members have a vast experience in research and development of models, analysis and cooperation with different sectors and stakeholders, including universities, schools and other educational and cultural institutions and organizations.


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