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ecipar-RA-logoECIPAR di Ravenna srl is a technical and vocational secondary education institute, linked to the CNA of Ravenna (National Confederation of Artisans and SMEs).

Its mission is to support the development of innovative skills and knowledge and increase the expertise mainly in SMEs  and craft enterprises of the Province of Ravenna and support the growth of human resources with activities in local schools and in collaboration with universities.
Ecipar carries out training and consultancy for business, quality certification, VET. In the past Ecipar has developed two Leonardo da Vinci projects: I campus (2009-2011), that merged the methodologies and innovative products of INNOVCOM and CIELI, for the development of enterprise culture and training of young people, adults, workers, enterpreneurs; and Cieli (2005-2007), that developed the educational model CIELI (Competition, Innovation, E-Learning, Internationalization) for spreading  enterprenurial culture to students of secondary schools.


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