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Flaminia-logo-verticaleFondazione Flaminia is a private no profit Fundation born in 1989 thanks to local public and private bodies to carry out promotional and support activities for the development of the University, of scientific research and of higher training in Ravenna and in Emilia Romagna, IT.

The activities of the Fondazione Flaminia consists in: favoring the connection, integration of the scientific and cultural structures of the territory; favoring the entrance in the labour market of students and course attenders also by granting specific scholarships; promoting collaboration amongst Universities, cultural institutions, high schools and training schools; developing activities in the research field, in any public and private sector, in the production and contracting sectors, and stimulation synergies between the University and the production world.Furthermore Flaminia supports activities of student organizations, financing cultural activities that they propose.


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Logo-euLogo-LeonardoProgetto finanziato nell'ambito del Programma Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

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