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Fondazione Flaminia

Flaminia-logo-verticaleFondazione Flaminia is a private no profit Fundation born in 1989 thanks to local public and private bodies to carry out promotional and support activities for the development of the University, of scientific research and of higher training in Ravenna and in Emilia Romagna, IT.

ECIPAR di Ravenna srl

ecipar-RA-logoECIPAR di Ravenna srl is a technical and vocational secondary education institute, linked to the CNA of Ravenna (National Confederation of Artisans and SMEs).

Panebarco & C.

Panebarco-logoPanebarco & C., funded in 1995, is set in Ravenna and is specialized in video productions, interactive applications, multimedia products and 3d reconstructions.


FLE-logoFLE is the organisation of Business teachers in Denmark, that involve 170 teachers with higher education in Denmark and our main work is to support schools and teachers in developing teaching and education in the areas of business, innovation and paedagogics. On  the other hand we have close contact to the Ministry of Education and in cooperation we develop teaching and education.


Highland Opportunity

H OpportunityHighland Opportunity is an Enterprise Trust wholly owned by the Highland Council. It provides business support to the the Highland business community through its delivery of the Business Gateway contract (advisory support for start ups and existing businesses), loan funding to businesses and social enterprises, agents for the Prince's Trust, delivery of the Enterprise Europe service on behalf of the European Commission.

Universidade de Évora-Laboratório HERança CULtural Estudo e Salvaguarda - HERCULES

Hercules CentroStudi-logoConscious of its role as a regional and national centre for science, technology and culture and of the cultural heritage legacy of Alentejo region and Portugal, the University of Évora, has invested strategically in this field over the last decade. Particularly significant was the creation in 2008 of the HERCULES Laboratory for the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage through European EEA Grants and its 2010/2012 reinforcement with a mobile unit and a microscopy and microanalysis unit with the financial support of EU by a National Strategic Reference Framework QREN-PORA grant, which correspond to a total investment of over 3.5 Meuros.


ecipar-RER-logoECIPAR RER is the organization for training and innovative services provided to SMEs, promoted by the Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato. Among its targets, there are research, elaboration, systematization and dissemination of “knowledge” that are useful for SMEs. Founded in 1982, ECIPAR is a non-profit making limited liability consortium company.

ISES - Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation

ises unesco logoThe Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation (ISES) was created to host public debates on European history, integration, crossborder cooperation among diverse societies and to play and active role during the last decade in initiating and realizing new research and training programs in European integration studies.

Maniatakeion Foundation

Maniatakeion-logoThe Maniatakeion Foundation is a private, non-profit, public-service institution for the preservation of the rich cultural heritage and the authentic character, as well as the promotion of the social and economic development of the town of Koroni, Greece.


logo seenordaSEENORDA (South East European Network of Regional Development Agencies) is registered as an NGO in Zagreb/Croatia, as an umbrella-network of Regional Development Agencies in SEE and consists of 15 Regional Development Agencies, covering more than 10 South East European countries.

Logo-euLogo-LeonardoProgetto finanziato nell'ambito del Programma Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

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