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Interactive learning space for developing

entrepreneurial skills in cultural assets and heritage


During these days the evaluation and monitoring of the didactic tools adaptation has been done. Partners assessed and evaluated the tools before the experimentation and define eventual adjustements. Before this workshop, partners adapted in a single path the educational tools transferred and registered in good practice thanks to a shared platform.

RESULTS: Experimentation of tools in all Partners countries. This is the testing of contents and adapted tools made by all the partners countries. 200 people will be involved in test groups for this activity. The results of the national experimentation will be collected in a report.

Mapping and systematisation of existing material has been implemented in Ravenna and the innovative methology of I campus will be presented to all partners.
Focus group started 21st in the afternoon and finished 22nd. The aim of the focus groups was to set up collection and exchange of good practices in a roadmap that will be the base of the START APP PROJECT. Activities were divided in five steps: 1, exchange of good practice; 2, analysis of the target; 3, analysis of the framework; 4, setting the roadmap; 5, feedback and next steps.
During 21st afternoon, PPs exchanged their best practices. Every partner introduced their local good practices in the field of: start-up enterprises; creative and cultural enterprises; cultural heritage management; enterprise cultures for youngsters.

RESULTS: Partners will select innovations for adapting them to the sector of Cultural Assets and Heritage, legal and geography as well as to the needs of target groups. The survey (set out in a report) describes the main activities that partners actively carry out and the good practices available in their countries and that the partners will activate for the picking of the needs of the target groups in the countries involved. It will be done also newsletter and informational materials.

Partners took part to this event, a final international conference, that it has benn organized in Copenaghen in 26th and 27th of May 2015 (2 days). The aim has been to spread awareness about the opportunity offered by the ST-ART APP platform and to begin further reflexions about follow-up measures and transfer of innovation.

Ravenna, IT the 20th -21st of November 2013) the promoters agreed on the project programme.

The Consortium agreed on the project programme and the division of tasks, activity programs, working methods, monitoring and all the practical arrangements (venue, transfers, accommodations, support material).

RESULTS: a website, information materials and newsletter of the project will be realized in the languages of the partner countries. A schedule for activities and dissemination about the project has been defined.

After Focus Group, partners started to analyse the needs of the target group/s: in each partner Country, identifying and analysing user requirements. The results of the analisys has been presented during the Round Table by partners each others. Further, innovative contents has been selected in order to meet those requirements outlined in the Analysis of the Target group. Finally, the feasibility of the transfer of innovations for adapting them the sector of Cultural Assets and Heritage has been made.

For sensitizing and involving directly the stakeholders of training sector at local/regional/national level during the project. The didactic tools will be presented to public authorities, VET institutes, SMEs organisations. We foresee to organize a seminar in each partner country.

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